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              Address: Golden Light Pranic Healing
                             Indian Cultural Center
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Pranic Healing      PENNSYLVANIA 
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Pranic Healing PA, since 2003

We are a family-owned center for energy healing arts,  meditation, yoga and practical spirituality. For over a decade, we have been improving the lives of people in Pennsylvania in many different ways.

Pranic Healing Classes and Workshops Learn to naturally boost your vitality, apply remedies for common ailments, stay protected, energized, and relaxed even in a challenging hectic world.
Pranic Healing Treatment Sessions
If you are stressed, in pain, or suffering from a medical condition -  receive a healing session by a professional experienced certified healer and pranic psychotherapist.
Meditaiton in a group brings peace to your heart, mental clarity to your head and harmony to the world.
Service to the community. We organize and participate in the feeding program for needy at the homeless shelter and on the streets of Philadelphia.

  Level 1: Pranic Healing         
       March 19-20, 2016  
Sat - Sun * 9:30 - 6:00
       Philadelphia, PA area    
       Senior Pranic Healing Instructors
                Info and Registration
  Level 2:
      Advanced Pranic Healing             
April 23-24, 2016
       Philadelphia, PA area
       Info and Registration
Level 3:
     Pranic Psychotherapy                  
Aug 20-21, 2016
      Philadelphia, PA area
      Info and Registration
Level 4:
     Pranic Crystals Healing                
      Philadelphia, PA area
      Info and Registration
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